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April 2020
Listen to the latest single from the album, which drops this month

September 2018
The Artisanals’ debut LP delivers organic, retro rock

June 2017
Folk singer and songwriter Avi Jacob is set to release another soul-baring EP this month

June 2016
Steven Fiore brings his smart lyrics and irresistible melodies to new project Young Mister

May 2016
Conor Donohue’s songwriting shines in new release Cayenne

Slow Runner releases an inspired new album

June 2015
Hearts & Plugs incubates Charleston’s next musical standouts

November 2014
Borboleto Audio Mastering polishes music to perfection

October 2014
Logan Venderlic brings his latest tunes to The Pour House

August 2014
Michael Flynn explores new territory with the just-released Face in the Cloud

December 2013
We’re up for a taste of Sean Brock’s Nashville, and the whole city feels like it’s smoldering with creative energy—for...

October 2013
Johnny Delaware finds his indie-folk-rock rhythm in Charleston

June 2012
Isle of Palms’ wide beaches draw a crowd at all hours  

May 2012
Laissez le bon temps rouler with bayou-inspired zydeco sound at the festival finale

May 2012
Ryan Bonner's American rock goes a bit British

January 2012
When not singing, directing, or race-car driving, these multi-talented stars develop wines worth sipping

November 2011

November 2011

November 2011
An organic community of live music showcases, a sustainable recording studio, and connections among artists blossoms in...

November 2011
Jay Clifford and Josh Kaler welcome fellow musicians to the laid-back indie recording haven they’ve created in a...

August 2011
Sol Driven Train burns up the tracks with “sonic schizophrenia”

June 2011
Elise Testone bridges genres with a husky voice, delighting everyone from local fans to Snoop Dogg and Kevin Costner

April 2011

November 2010
We may live in the flatlands, but Charleston still knows how to throw an Appalachian-style pickin’ party. Incorporating...

April 2010
With a rock ’n’ roll country swagger, Mac Leaphart croons about sins, saviors, and small towns

March 2009
Musicians and listeners gather to jam