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June 2024
The modern riverside retreat on James Island blurs the lines between indoors and out

May 2024
The home marries a historic-seeming exterior with modern interiors, while windows galore allow a flood of natural light

April 2024
John and Will Hardee revamped the former diamond in the rough, a 1995 house on Queen Street

April 2024
New businesses are blooming all over the Lowcountry in the form of floral delivery, herb gathering, and craft making

April 2024
Their hard work resulted in a thoroughly modern home filled with art pieces and treasures from their travels

April 2024
The cut-flower program is expanding from James Island’s Medway Garden to Magnolia Community Garden in West Ashley

April 2024
Get the scoop on the latest plantings, programs, and special events

March 2024
Located along the banks of Ralston Creek, the residence nods to French countryside architecture

February 2024
Minimal maintenance, spectacular views, and a sense of community created the ideal home for retired nurse Peggy Balla

January 2024
How a bachelor beach shack became one Atlanta couple’s forever home

December 2023
For College of Charleston graduate Katy Dew Amling and her husband, Jeff, a prismatic palette and touch of colonial...

November 2023
The house pays homage to the island’s traditional architecture, while adding a contemporary twist

October 2023
A minimalist, modern home on the banks of the Stono River marries the beauty of the Lowcountry with stylish...

August 2023
Local interior designer Caitlin Dirkes Simmonds designed the Ansonborough abode for her parents

July 2023
Discover a variety of ideas for your own home, plus pro design tips along the way

July 2023
The property, along the banks of Wappoo Creek, includes a home studio for the artist

July 2023
For New England natives Jamie and James Pagliocco, the home is a coastal Southern outpost for the entire family to...

June 2023
The home was designed with the surrounding trees in mind, with adaptable rooms for the family of five to grow into

May 2023
The homeowners created a welcoming retirement reatreat surrounded by sun, sea, sand, grandchildren, and lots of art

April 2023
Built in the 1730s, the Seegers’ home is one of the oldest single houses on the peninsula

April 2023
Tour meandering paths and verdant garden rooms, then learn about sustainable methods to implement at home

March 2023
The home is expertly designed to blend in with its surroundings while offering spectacular marshfront views

February 2023
The careful, decade-long renovation included making the most of an unusually-shaped room at the center of the house

January 2023
One couple decided to start fresh almost two decades after moving in, adding bright and colorful furnishings

December 2022
The home’s interior is filled with high fashion-inspired pieces, modern art, and a playful collection of wallpaper

November 2022
How Sarah Heckler effortlessly married contemporary and classic styles

October 2022
Architect Myles Trudell designed the multigenerational home to feel open, but with “distinctive, discreet spaces”

September 2022
How designer Alaina Michelle Ralph transformed the interiors for her maximalist client who wanted “grandma chic”