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May 2016
Conor Donohue’s songwriting shines in new release Cayenne

Sometimes the best way to gauge the talent of an artist is to ask his peers. And in the case of singer-songwriter Conor Donohue, who left Charleston for New Orleans last year, the praise rings impressive. For example, noted Lowcountry singer-songwriter Lindsay Holler says, “I’m constantly inspired by the craftsmanship of Conor’s songwriting. He takes tremendous care with the way he says things.”

That’s particularly evident in his latest album, Cayenne, she notes. Recorded in the James Island home studio of jazz musician Tyler Ross with a host of local talents—including George Baerreis, Jack Burg, Gerald Gregory, Nicholas Jenkins, Nathan Koci, and Ron Wiltrout—the music has a sinister yet melodic feel. “There” rumbles to life with distorted guitar and VK7 Roland organ as Donohue sings, “Baby can you help me find the way to get there.” “Fatal Blow” finds the musician channeling early-era Beck, while on “Elevators,” he trades lyrics with Holler, singing about sneaking into backyard swimming pools and starting insurance fires. Local audiences will have a chance to catch the tunes live during Donohue’s June 9 show at Royal American.

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Watch Donohue perform "Sunrise," from Cayenne: