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Creating a Sensation

Creating a Sensation
June 2016
Steven Fiore brings his smart lyrics and irresistible melodies to new project Young Mister

There’s a feeling you get when you hear a truly good song for the first time. It washes over you, making the hairs on your arm stand straight up. In the case of Young Mister, an album named for the new band led by singer-songwriter Steven Fiore, that electrifying sensation stays with you until the eighth and final track.

Previous releases from Fiore, a Charleston music-scene veteran now living in Waynesville, North Carolina, have brilliantly showcased his gift for marrying a dynamite melody with cerebral lyrics, and Young Mister—recorded with a variety of musicians including locals Julius DeAngelis, Mannie Schumpert, Christian Chidester, Ben Jacobs, Clay White, and Peter Dimery—continues that streak.

Leadoff track “The Best Part” has a ridiculously catchy hook that includes flourishes of horns and gorgeous guitar work. “Would It Kill You” explodes out of the gate with what might happen if Jackson Browne sang on an updated version of Tom Petty’s “Listen To Her Heart,” while the lovely “Everything Has Its Place” is a tranquil moment on an otherwise boisterous album.

Though Young Mister has an official release date of June 24, locals can snag early copies at a June 18 show at The Royal American. Get details at