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Melissa Bigner

September 2018
Nearly 30 years after falling for the Lowcountry (and each other), Kristy and Rick Schultz make an unlikely dream home...

April 2018
A historic downtown home becomes the backdrop for a first-birthday fête awash in vivid florals, rabbit statuary, and...

October 2017
Dream of hosting a spooky to-do that runs as smooth as spider’s silk? Join us in the heart of the Old Village, where...

December 2016
The renowned event planner and entrepreneur shares her secrets for a cozy, memory-making get-together that she swears...

July 2016
Get the ultimate insider’s view of Charleston’s finest addresses and most historic properties

July 2015
After covering homes and gardens for nearly half a century, we’ve seen trends come and go, but one thing remains true:...

February 2015
The prospect of “change” at her beloved Hampton Park has this writer contemplating the passage of time in the...

June 2014
Did you know half of the Babiators sunglasses team lives here in the Holy City?

January 2014
A North Charleston biz booms by camouflaging cellular antennae 

January 2014
Brandy Culp makes collections from Charleston’s past her present tense

January 2014
Sue Monk Kidd’s The Invention of Wings debuts  

December 2013
From restaurants to a resident sports team, much of Charleston bears the branding work of graphic designer Gil Shuler

November 2013
Bringing lavish nonprofit fundraisers to fruition on a shoestring

November 2013
Catering to myriad deserving causes for decades

November 2013
Sharing the wealth in money and business smarts alike

March 2013
A veteran of downtown home tours shares notes on the etiquette of snooping—er strolling—through someone else’s abode

December 2012
Concrete, wood, glass, and steel headline one family’s sunny vacation home on the marsh

December 2012
Heading behind the scenes at some of Charleston’s tastiest restaurants

November 2012
St. James-Santee Episcopal’s “Brick Church” sits on a lonely stretch of the Old King’s Highway

September 2012
Braving the elements at Hunting Island State Park

A novice climber reawakens her "Spidey self" for an urban bouldering adventure

June 2012
Who knew the West Ashley Greenway would make for a great date?

April 2012
Falling hard for an “inland” Eden, historic Hampton Park

March 2012
Falling in love with a horse—and Western-style duds—at The Recycled Cowboy

February 2012
Looking back into Charleston's haunting past at the Aiken-Rhett House

January 2012
Walking the limits of the old walled city reveals Charleston’s past and present

December 2011
Joining in the Holiday Parade of Boats, the city’s festive flotilla

Exploring the natural wonders of Botany Bay Plantation

October 2011
Joining the salty crew at the Georgetown Wooden Boat Show

July 2011
Finding new places—and new friends—at James Island County Park