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The Ripe Stuff

The Ripe Stuff
July 2019

Tomato season is here! Serve up a taste of summer with five easy recipes showcasing the flavor-filled, versatile fruit

Tomato Tart

Kelly Franz, chef de cuisine of B-Liner at The Kiawah Island Club, uses a rainbow of heirloom fruits—mixed cherries, ‘Cherokee Purples,’ and a combo of yellows and greens for this lighter, more modern take on the Southern summer staple.

“Mixed heirloom cherry tomatoes in reds, yellows, and greens provide pops of color as well as a variety of textures and flavors, from ripe and sweet to firm and acidic.” —Kelly Franz, B-Liner

View the recipe here

Mediterranean Tomato Salad

The Grocery chef and owner Kevin Johnson, known as a vegetable whisperer, builds an eye-catching tomato salad balanced with acid and crunch.

“This salad is a snapshot of early summer in the Lowcountry. And the cured green tomatoes offer a welcome crunch amongst the perfectly ripe ones.” —Kevin Johnson, The Grocery

View the recipe here

Tomato & Crab Salad Stack

Steven Manall, executive chef of Belmond Charleston Place’s Palmetto Cafe, layers lump crab meat with tomatoes and avocados for a showstopping salad.

“I prefer the ‘Cherokee Purple’ tomato for its deep color and meaty texture—it complements the crab really well. However, during the summer, there are so many tomatoes to choose from here, you really can’t go wrong.” —Steven Manall, Palmetto Cafe 

View the recipe here

Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Shrimp, & Capers

John Ondo, chef de cuisine of The Atlantic Room at Kiawah’s Ocean Course, showcases the richly flavored heirloom ‘Cherokee Purple’ grated in this heavenly fresh tomato sauce, perfect for a quick supper on a hot summer night.

“‘Cherokee Purples’ are delicious and beautiful and work great with any recipe calling for beefsteak tomatoes.” —John Ondo, The Atlantic Room

View the recipe here

Hasselback Caprese

John Zucker, executive chef and owner of Cru Café, Cru Catering, and Purlieu, cleverly reimagines the caprese with this sliced hasselback concept inspired by the roasted potato classic.

“When I tried some local heirloom tomatoes—round, firm, and sweet—with the mozzarella and vinaigrette, I knew this was the right direction!” —John Zucker, Cru Café, Cru Catering, & Purlieu

View the recipe here


Photo Styling by Angela Hall