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John Ondo

July 2019
Tomato season is here! Serve up a taste of summer with five easy recipes showcasing the flavor-filled, versatile fruit

February 2017
Every day is dish duty for ceramicist Grace Jennings

August 2017
Our taste-and-tell guide to some of the latest food and beverage openings in Charleston

February 2017
Every few years, we survey Charleston’s culinary scene, asking area gourmands, food writers, and other F...

December 2016
Need some inspiration this year? Here are our editors’ picks—including snacks, sweet treats, and everything in between—...

December 2013
Chef John Ondo transforms Meyer lemons into a meal

December 2012
Five local chefs share recipes and tips for some of their favorite holiday dishes. Choose one, a few, or the whole menu...

September 2012
The F&B crowd shares their surprising favorite locations for guilty pleasure fare

December 2010
Business Lunch

February 2010
Chef John Ondo dishes out an easy, make-ahead dinner for two

April 2009
Chef John Ondo of Kiawah’s The Atlantic Room shares trade secrets on working with garlic, the flavorful darling of...