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Pho Real

Pho Real
January 2018

One way to beat a damp, chilly night? Slurp up a steaming bowl of pho (pronounced “fuh”), the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup made with rich broth, tender meat, spices, herbs, and greens. Here’s where to get it

Lotus Restaurant

Venture to this Park Circle spot for a bowl of pho bo, a beef stock-based soup with thinly sliced sirloin and rice noodles that’s served with bean sprouts, jalapeño slivers, cilantro, and limes. For a heartier dish, try adding traditional beef balls, which vary from European-style meatballs in that they’re formed with smooth, pulverized meat instead of the chunky, minced variety. 1070 A E. Montague Ave., North Charleston;

Pink Bellies

According to chef Thai Phi, customers ask for chicken pho (or pho ga) at his Vietnamese food stall in Workshop even in the summertime. The sweet and salty, slow-simmered broth—flavored by aromatic anise pods, ginger, onion, salt, and rock sugar—is poured over a crave-worthy mix of roasted chicken, noodles, egg yolk, and green onions. You can squeeze lime juice on top—but be sure to sip the broth on its own first. 1503 King St.,

CO Restaurant

While this King Street space is sleek, the soup is oh-so-comforting. Opt for the spicy beef pho—the rich, seasoned coconut broth is brimming with translucent rice noodles, cilantro, scallions, succulent slices of short rib, and tender rare beef (don’t worry, the meat cooks in the liquid). The bowl’s served with a plate of bean sprouts plus Hoisin and Sriracha sauces, making it easy to add flavor as you please. 340 King St.,