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Eat & Tell

Eat & Tell
February 2019

The Charleston food and beverage community prepares and serves the city’s most romantic meals. But where do they go for their own date-night dining? Five culinary figures share their favorite spots

Little Jack’s Tavern
“My favorite place is the bar at Little Jack’s—the corner by the raw bar. It’s so dark and cozy so you can really lean into your date. I like to start with a dirty martini, follow up with the crudités and garlic fries (not for sharing—two orders obviously), and finish with a rye Manhattan. Some people might be wary of so much garlic on a date, but I think there's some romance about a garlic overdose; my true love will feel the same.” —Greer Gilchrist, co-owner of Harbinger Café
Photograph courtesy of Little Jack’s Tavern

Bowens Island Restaurant
“We do not get out as much as we used too. My best idea is crushing a bunch of local beers and oysters at Bowens Island and watching the sun set, even if it’s a little chilly in February.” —Matt Tunstall, co-owner of Stems & Skins
Photograph by Peter Frank Edwards

Trattoria Lucca
“Every time I take my wife to Trattoria Lucca, it’s a lovely experience. True comfort Italian food, and the intimate dining room makes you feel like you're dining in a nice, quaint Italian home. You really do feel like you're in a small European town. What's more romantic than that?” —Nico Romo, chef and owner, NICO Oysters + Seafood
Photograph courtesy of Trattoria Lucca

Bin 152 & Peninsula Grill
“On a recent date night, my wife, Caitlin, and I had a beautiful evening starting at Bin 152, enjoying their selection of Coravin wine with some of our favorite meats and cheeses. Then we wandered over to Peninsula Grill, walking down King and Market as the sun was setting. We had a really nice dinner with excellent service, good wine, a steak covered in crab, and a beautifully cooked piece of grouper. It’s fun to get dressed up and get pampered in an elegant room every once in a while.” —Michael Toscano, chef and owner of Le Farfalle
Photograph courtesy of Peninsula Grill

Charleston Grill
“I’ve always thought Charleston Grill is one of the most romantic restaurants in the city, and if it is just my husband, Jack, and me, that is where we go. We have made a habit of celebrating in one of the banquettes in the bar area, always eating Michelle Weaver’s crab cakes—the best in town—no matter how much else we eat. Jack is very generous with his holiday gifts. He finds jewelry I love, and I have gotten much of it at Charleston Grill along with good music and good food. I can’t think of a place more romantic, particularly since the acoustics allow for hearing sweet nothings.” —Nathalie Dupree, cookbook author 
Photograph courtesy of Belmond Charleston Place