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June 2017
Marsh grass, oyster beds, and pluff mud at every turn—just 70 miles down the coast in Beaufort

March 2017
The latest news in fashion and shopping around Charleston

August 2016
513 King St. (843) 641-0821

August 2016
Discover a cool, locally designed line of cotton clothing

July 2016
75 Wentworth St. (843) 518-5115  

May 2016
Artist Jonathan Green brings a colorful dose of African cultural authenticity to the Spoleto stage

August 2015
Transition the lingerie-inspired look to everyday elegance

May 2015
Rachel Clore capitalizes on print-on-demand web platforms

March 2015
The local fashion scene is burgeoning at the seams, with both opportunity and obstacles. But regarding the business of...

May 2014
Renowned Charleston milliner Leigh Magar follows South Carolina’s textile history to Columbia’s Olympia Mill Village...

March 2014
Armed with talent and the determination to share their sartorial visions, these designers are making a name for...

Glam evening gowns from Charleston's past

February 2014
Experts weigh in on the trend  

January 2014
Hear it from those in the know

December 2013
We’re up for a taste of Sean Brock’s Nashville, and the whole city feels like it’s smoldering with creative energy—for...

March 2012
One feminist mother’s catwalk conundrum

March 2011
“In my world, vintage is always on trend.”

November 2010
Finding a jazzy cultural rhythm in Savannah, Georgia

August 2010
The Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designer finalist talks about her children’s clothing line, inherited style, and...

May 2010
A Q&A with costume designer Peter O’Brien

April 2010
Remembrances from a year spent gathering and arranging the floral bounty of Lowcountry gardens—adapted from Southern...

December 2009
Skye Paige turns up the heat on burlesque and blues

November 2009
Simple Blessings: Hominy Grill chef Robert Stehling celebrates the holiday harvest family-style

October 2009
Style, art, and entrepreneurship keep the founder of Charleston Cycle Chic’s wheels spinning

September 2009
With a penchant for the past, this local real estate agent shares the items—and intangibles—that have made the cut in...

August 2009
This mother, lawyer, and Charleston County School Board chair reflects on fashion, family, and dreams for the future

May 2009
This professional hair and make-up artist styles a life from things that make her happy

March 2008

July 2009
When the temperatures rise, this lifelong tomboy turns up her feminine style.

July 2009
Frolicking with free spirits on the Edge of America.