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Toya H. Green

Toya H. Green
August 2009
This mother, lawyer, and Charleston County School Board chair reflects on fashion, family, and dreams for the future



Homing Instinct: A self-proclaimed “Army brat,” Toya was born in Heidelberg, Germany. “My sisters and I went back three years ago. We have a lot of wonderful memories there.”



Poetry in Motion: “I’ve been reading poetry by my friend Carol Ann Davis, a College of Charleston professor. We’re working to start a young writers’ conference together.”



Making a Statement: “I love wearing bold colors and patterns, so this purse from Talbots is perfect. I almost always have a journal tucked inside.”



Here’s Hoping:
“The former superintendent gave me this wood carving when I was first elected to the school board in 2006. It symbolizes my feelings about my work in public schools.”



Mama’s Girls: “When I took my daughters, Maya, seven, and Nora, 14 months, to get their portraits made, Nora refused to be photographed without her passy.”

Two Wheelers: “Among the first things my husband, Dwayne, and I bought as a married couple were bicycles. Mine’s red, my favorite color.”





Journal Junkie: “Keeping up with days past—what I liked or didn’t, what I’m proud of or need to improve on—helps me guide myself through days to come.”


Style Staple: “Dresses—they’re feminine, and you don’t have to worry about coordinating pieces.”

Relatively Speaking: “I love that the family unit is so complex. You have all these people who need their individuality but also need each other.”
Future Goal: “I have a passion for reading and writing. To pen—and try to publish—a book is on my must-do list.”

Well-Schooled: “When public education works as it should, it gives everyone the opportunity to have a good life.”is, who she met while surfing in Bali, and their dogs, Toro and Koa