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Ashley Brook Perryman

Ashley Brook Perryman
May 2009
This professional hair and make-up artist styles a life from things that make her happy

This professional hair and make-up artist styles a life from things that make her happy



Purple Reign: Ashley discovered this Betsey Johnson “princess dress” on a trip to New York City. “Getting it into my bag for the plane ride home wasn’t easy.”



Shoe Shine: Ashley’s hooked on the vintage shoe clips she picked up for $12 in an antiques shop. “I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but I love them!”

Mama’s Girl: “Even as a busy single parent, my mom was great at making me feel extra special. Until I was five, we had a lot of matching outfits and styled our hair the same—totally ’80s and totally cute.”



Artist in Residence: “I’ve been painting since I was little, creating watercolor ‘happy trees’ along with Bob Ross. Today, I relax by putting on French music and getting out my paints.”





Purse Perfection: “My everyday bag is a turquoise one by Nine West that I got on a solo trip to L.A. I hired a limo driver to take me to Rodeo Drive and Fred Segal for the ultimate shopping experience.”

Charmed Life: “Two years ago, my nana took my sister and me to Paris—my favorite city in the world. She and my sister, Brittney, bought me this bracelet in Moulin Rouge.”

Hot Seat: Whether she’s working on celebrities, on political figures, or at a fashion photo shoot, Ashley’s makeup kit and director’s chair go everywhere with her.


Closet Addiction: “I’d have to say watching tons of Sex and the City reruns. That show is hair, makeup, and wardrobe heaven.”

Signature Style: “Tiered, ruffled mini dresses with high heels. My look is girly with an edge.”

Favorite Designer: “Betsey Johnson. She’s over-the-top and all about fun—her clothes are so happy and bright.”

Makeup Tip: “Keep it simple! Cosmetics are meant to enhance, not mask, your natural beauty.”