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Posh Plates

Posh Plates
September 2018

Indulge in four dishes that feature old-school luxury ingredients in a modern way

Foie Gras Gallette - BISTRO A VIN 

At the new wine bar and bistro on the corner of Archdale and Market streets, try the tart filled with a decadent mix of foie gras, grilled peaches, fig chutney, and balsamic vinegar, all folded into a buckwheat pastry. Pair the dish with a glass of Coteaux du Layon, a dessert wine from the Loire Valley, or a small pour of extra-sweet Sauternes, sourced from Bordeaux.

Loup De Mer - CIRCA 1886

Saffron, a crimson-colored spice that’s one of the most expensive in the world, infuses julienned daikon radish ribbons in chef Marc Collins’s signature entrée, which also features grilled Mediterranean sea bass, king trumpet mushrooms, spring pea cake, white soy beurre blanc, and rare wasabi tendrils.

Caviar & Tater Tots - McCRADY'S TAVERN 

Blinis, step aside—there’s a new caviar pairing in town. Golden tater tots are served with chilled Tennessee paddlefish caviar, making for a high-low combination that is delightfully cheeky yet elegant. Dollop the crunchy childhood staple with crème fraîche and the luxury ingredient, and you’ll realize what your school-age self was missing.

Foichamacallit - McCRADY'S

Imagine Hershey’s classic caramel-peanut chocolate bar, but made with foie gras, and you have the concept of the “Foichamacallit.” Created by McCrady’s pastry queen Katy Keefe—known for her ability to blur the boundaries between posh and kitsch—the treat is comprised of foie gras covered in chocolate and served on a bed of Carolina Gold rice.