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Chill Out

Chill Out
June 2018

Soak up summertime with five boozy, slushy sips that beat the heat—UPDATED June 2020

1. Basic Kitchen: Mango-Habañero Margarita

Forget the cloyingly sweet, neon-hued, artificially flavored margs of vacations past. The Basic Kitchen’s sip is almost like a spiked, spicy smoothie, featuring a bright mix of fresh mango, citrus, pineapple, and blanco tequila and the perfect amount of pepper-backed heat.

2. MEX 1: Frosé

This drink may have been the trending sip of last summer, but Mex 1’s spin on it is too refreshing (and sneakily strong) to pass up. At the cantina, rosé gets blended with vodka, then the mix is poured over champagne and garnished with a strawberry.

3. LEON’S: Frozen Gin & Tonic

The go-to warm-weather cocktail gets kicked up a few notches at Leon’s, where London Dry is mixed with Jack Rudy tonic syrup and ice. The boozy blend is served in a rocks glass and is best enjoyed with a tray of char-grilled oysters.

4. HOME TEAM: Frozen Irish Coffee

Inspired by the icy whiskey-and-coffee cocktail at New Orleans’ Irish pub, Erin Rose, Home Team serves its own version here, combining Irish whiskey, chicory liqueur, cold brew coffee, a touch of cream, and ice, all finished with smoked salt and cacao nibs.

5. TACO BOY: Frozen Screw Driver

Margaritas might be soul mates with chips and guacamole, but this slushy screw driver is a close contender. It is refreshingly no-frills: just orange juice, vodka, and sugar, blended with a handful of ice and served with a maraschino cherry.