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March 2016
Follow these five Charleston chefs on Instagram for a stream of decadent photos to whet your appetite.


64 Degree Egg Chanterelles | Cipollini Onion | Cherry Agro-Dolce @growfoodcarolina #egg #492 #492chs

A photo posted by Nate Whiting (@chefwhiting) on

Nate Whiting


Restaurant: 492

Snapshots Include: Gorgeously plated dishes, garden-fresh fare, and the occasional adorable-kid-in-the-kitchen pic (his son, Alex, makes guest Insta-appearances)

First run at paella

A photo posted by Vandy Vanderwarker (@vandyv) on

Vandy Vanderwarker


Restaurant: The Ordinary

Snapshots Include: There’s not a lot of behind-the-scenes action (unless you count pre-filleted raw fish), but each plated shot Vanderwarker posts is a work of culinary art.

Emily Hahn


Restaurants: The Warehouse & Parlor Deluxe

Snapshots Include: Warehouse brunch menus (they change weekly), portraits of Triggerfish (her chocolate Lab), kitchen high jinks, and a whole lotta food—from plated indulgences to raw ingredients

Nothing says summer like fresh berries- come check out our berry tarts!! @wildflourpastry @wildmitty

A photo posted by Wild Flour Pastry (@wildflourpastry) on

Lauren Mitterer


Restaurant: WildFlour Pastry

Snapshots Include: From photos of 
innovative cake designs to mounds of cupcakes, cookies, and, of course, Mitterer’s famous sticky cinnamon buns, this feed is for the true sweet tooth.

--The Deluxe-- Rice x Fish

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Jason Stanhope


Restaurant: FIG

Snapshots Include: Pretty much what you’d expect from a James Beard Award-winning chef—innovative dishes with fresh, delicate seafood and a few FIG team photos from the bustling kitchen