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Civil War

June 2013
30 fun, cultural, educational, and downright quirky destinations for sunny-day adventures  

April 2013
Author Stratton Lawrence delivers the “Edge of America’s” story through historic photos and fascinating prose

January 2013
Things Every Local Must Experience Whether your bloodline dates back generations or you just moved to town, check out...

December 2012
The Jubilee Project kicks off with a New Year’s Emancipation celebration

November 2012
St. James-Santee Episcopal’s “Brick Church” sits on a lonely stretch of the Old King’s Highway

November 2012
Tracing the Charleston Symphony Orchestra back to its early 20th-century roots

August 2012
Neighbors partner up to rehab small, historically significant houses

June 2012
Revel in historical sophistication, minutes from town

April 2012
Falling hard for an “inland” Eden, historic Hampton Park

January 2012
Corroded metals on sunken ships and drawings on ancient walls inspire Paul Mardikian’s abstract paintings

December 2011
Five Charleston food and beverage veterans are crafting their own one-of-a-kind libations

November 2011
Local musicians deliver Holy City history during The Sound of Charleston

Exploring the natural wonders of Botany Bay Plantation

September 2011
Bricks made at area plantations helped provide the wealth of architecture for which the city is renowned today

August 2011
Charleston Civic Design Center (CCDC) director Michael Maher envisions a Holy City that’s fit for the future

July 2011
It’s July. Summer has set in, and the novelty of no school and long days has worn off. So what’s a family to do? Plenty...

June 2011
You know summer’s in full swing when you avoid the sunny side of the street and instead leap frog from shady spot to...

April 2011
Secession, slavery, states’ rights. Flag controversies, reenactments, monuments. The Civil War conjures ghosts and...

April 2011
Finding old Florida in Fernandina Beach and the shores of Amelia Island

April 2011
Bandied about for decades, a statue of controversial politico John C. Calhoun returned home 80 years ago

March 2011
Artist and actress Alicia Rhett ventured from the Holy City to Hollywood and back again

December 2007
Celebrating the blessings of the season with a traditional Lowcountry feast

January 2011
This month at New York’s Park Avenue Armory, 70 pieces of Charleston’s past—from centuries-old furniture, paintings,...

January 2011
Four states away, a new museum highlights the Holy City’s Jewish roots

December 2010
The secession banner presided over this state's withdrawal from the Union 150 years ago

November 2010
With the Charleston Symphony Orchestra in reorganizational limbo, we recommend, for your classical music fix, a busy...

August 2010
Living in Charleston, we often take history for granted—as if every city has cobblestone streets and a park where...

August 2010
In a hidden center on North Charleston’s Navy Yard, a diminutive vessel harbors big history

June 2010
Easy Does It

May 2010
Be a part of history at America’s first theater