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September 2015

A marquee mansion overlooking White Point Garden had been long neglected. Not any more. The Hammond family has rescued it from ruin, imbuing it with a colorful balance of contemporary and classic
How do you define “luxury”? Perhaps it’s an occasional indulgence, or a unique experience, or even something exceptionally comforting.
In styling a luxurious dressing room, designer Regina Garcia offers a modern take on Hollywood glamour with bold black patterns, gilded accessories, and strong silhouettes.
Plan for a colorful spring by planting perennials this autumn
Alongside the farm-to-table movement, there’s been a rise in grower Champagnes, made in the eponymous region of France by the same farmer who grew the grapes.
A delicious foundation for most any kind of sweet or savory treat you can dream up, crepes are easier to craft than their delicate nature and French provenance might suggest. Café Framboise co-owner and pâtissier Dominique Chantepie shares his foolproof recipe, plus a fresh filling idea.
McCrady’s chef de cuisine Daniel Heinze strikes gold with three richly flavored rice dishes
289 E. Bay St. (843) 579-4997
Finicky Filly’s Brown Box Club
High-end (and high up) homes from New York to L.A. are on JGeiger’s client list
Scottish heavy athletic gamer Shane Sutherland gears up for September’s annual event at Boone Hall
When professor Marc Regnier isn’t training the next generation of classical guitarists, he’s recording with the greats 
Gone with the Wind’s Alicia Rhett continues to enliven her hometown’s art community through a generous endowmen
Local fave Brave Baby releases a sophomore album
A new woodworking school carries on a traditional art  
Pros advise on incorporating them into fall ensembles