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Born to Rock

Born to Rock
September 2015
Local fave Brave Baby releases a sophomore album

“Our last record was ‘what do we want to sound like?’ and this album is ‘this is what we sound like,’” says Keon Masters, singer and guitarist for Charleston rock band Brave Baby, which last month debuted its second album, Electric Friends, on local indie label Hearts & Plugs.

The group traces its origins to Fort Mill, South Carolina, where Masters started playing music in high school with buddies Wolfgang Zimmerman (vocals/drums) and Christian Chidester (vocals/guitar). When bassist Jordan Hicks and keyboardist Steven Walker joined the fold in 2012, Brave Baby was born, and the guys released their first album, Forty Bells, in January 2013.

Electric Friends finds the group taking more chances, both musically and lyrically. The first single, “Plastic Skateboard,” makes intriguing use of reverb and echo effects, calling to mind great past bands like The Feelies and Blue Öyster Cult, while “Ancients” feels ripped out of the soundtrack of an edgy ’80s teen drama flick. With a dreamlike, experimental quality, tracks such as “Atlantean Dreams” and “Be Alright” showcase Brave Baby’s knack for marrying electronic and more traditional rock sounds.

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