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Sweet Spikes

Sweet Spikes
August 2013
Need to cool off in this late summer heat? Forget the ice-cream truck here are six adult desserts, icy cold and with a touch of the hard stuff. Just note: ID is required

1  The Bar at Husk
{Peach Bourbon Milk Shake}
This “delicious accident” may be small, but it’s mighty. Peach macerated Old Forrester 100-proof bourbon and sweet-tea ice cream garnished with a peach slice and lemon zest isn’t all you get from this frozen delight. It comes with the famous Husk cheeseburger that has bacon ground into the patties. Bourbon, bacon, ice cream, and peaches? Amen. 74 Queen St.
2  Rutledge Cab Co.
{Dreamsicle Milk Shake}
You may not hail a cab, but you’ll certainly have your choice of shakes at this diner: bourbon and peach, the root beer-flavored Floating Cab, or this dream come true. Slide into one of Rutledge Cab Co.’s tall booths or sit out on the spacious patio to enjoy orangecello, Grand Marnier, Stoli Vanil vodka, and vanilla ice cream. 1300 Rutledge Ave.
3  Shem Creek Bar & Grill
{Oreo Milk Shake}
Like Oreos and milk? Indulge that childhood sweet tooth with a little something extra—Kahlúa—in a frosty blend that makes sipping creekside even more pleasurable. 508 Mill St., Mount Pleasant
4  Kaminsky’s
{Starry Night}
Whether you’re stopping in for a late-night “pick me up” or to have a Starry afternoon, Kaminksy’s paints a beautiful picture of flavors with Van Gogh Double Espresso vodka blended with chocolate syrup, vanilla-bean ice cream, and milk. It tastes just as delicious as it sounds. 78 N. Market St.
5  The Green Door
{Fruit Loop Milk Shake}    
Get in touch with your inner child and head to The Green Door to sip, slurp, spoon, and swig this not-so-kid-friendly milk shake. Stacked with Fruit Loop-steeped milk, vanilla ice cream, Three Olives Loopy vodka, Gosling’s rum, and Kahlúa, it comes garnished with the cereal itself. 251 East Bay St.
6  La Tela Pizzeria
{Glenmorangie 10-year Vanilla Bean Gelato}
This “science experiment” of a dessert is colder than Antarctica, literally. Frozen with liquid nitrogen at -321°F, the sweet but salty—due to the coarse sea salt it’s topped with—vanilla bean gelato melts in your mouth, leaving the most pleasant of 10-year finishes. This is one science experiment gone right. 133 Village Green Dr., John’s Island