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Holiday Dining Hack

Holiday Dining Hack
December 2018

This season, simplify entertaining with these convenient cook-at-home casseroles

A tetrazzini casserole (top right corner) is one of many to-go dishes that Hamby’s Market offers.

It’s that time of year again: the social calendar is packed; relatives are visiting; and when it comes to cooking, you’re either elbow-deep in pie prep or racking your brain for what to take to the next potluck. Here’s a holiday dining tip: Don’t cook. That’s right. Instead, pick up a casserole from one of these local eateries, pop it in your own dishware, and voila: Dinner is served.

Shrimp & Crab Casserole
A combination of fresh shrimp, crab meat, rice, green peppers, and tomato juice, this casserole ($17/serves four) showcases Lowcountry seafood while fueling your troops to tackle holiday shopping. Bonus: It only takes 30 minutes to bake. Stono Market, 842 Main Rd., John’s Island;

Chicken Tetrazzini Casserole
You can’t go wrong with Charleston’s classic Hamby’s Catering. Among their many offerings (see photo), this retro frozen pasta and chicken casserole ($13/serves four) is a crowd-pleaser. Hamby Catering, 925 St. Andrews Blvd.,

Camden Poppy Seed Chicken casserole
If you need to feed a large group but don’t want to compromise on flavor, Square Onion’s dish made with chicken, white wine cream sauce, almonds, mushrooms, and a poppy seed cracker topping is a great choice. A large ($57) portion will serve eight to 10 people. Square Onion, 18 Resolute Ln., Mount Pleasant;

French Toast Casserole
Don’t forget the most important meal of the day (or the biggest headache if you don’t have a breakfast plan for your holiday guests). Let Burbage’s do the heavy lifting with their French toast creation ($14/serves four) made from brioche rolls cubed and soaked in an egg and milk mixture, then filled with cream cheese. Burbage’s, 157 Broad St., (843) 723-4054

Breakfast Casserole
Prefer a savory a.m. option? Kudzu’s Breakfast Casserole ($20/serves six)—a cheese biscuit bottom topped with sausage, two types of cheese, and an egg mixture—will hit the spot. Kudzu Bakery, 794 Coleman Blvd., Mount Pleasant;