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Get Your Goat

Get Your Goat
December 2009
A savory sampler of locally made goat cheese

1. Pimiento: This haute pimiento cheese is all dressed up and ready for a party. But be forewarned: it’s so good, it won’t last long once served, so stock up. Giddy Goat,

2. Cracked Green Pepper & Sea Salt: The vibrant, sophisticated combination of flavors makes this fantastic on a cheese tray—or even a steak. Giddy Goat,

3. Sea Salt: With light herbs and a hint of sea salt, this is an excellent candidate to serve with crudité. Burden Creek Dairy, (843) 709-3685 or

4. Plain: This fresh, delicate chevre could easily be used instead of butter on everything from morning toast to a dinnertime baked potato. Burden Creek Dairy, (843) 709-3685 or

5. Italian: The lingering fragrance of Italian herbs and an undernote of garlic make this cheese the perfect stuffing for cherry tomatoes or spread with slices of roasted peppers.
Burden Creek Dairy, (843) 709-3685 or

6. Plain: This tangy traditional soft cheese will stand up to any savory pairing, from shrimp to salad. Giddy Goat,