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July 2011

It’s July. Summer has set in, and the novelty of no school and long days has worn off. So what’s a family to do? Plenty! Get out and make the most of this time together with these fun-for-all boating, fishing, and beaching adventures
Meet three extraordinary young people whose contributions to the arts, business, and the community have them on their way to achievements much bigger than their pint-sized selves
“Pflummsters” flock to Merrie Koester Southgate’s science-based novels for kids
The genre-blending Elvis Costello brings his still-rolling rock show to the Performing Arts Center
When she’s not blowing glass for her jewelry designs, this mother of two finds beauty in Doris Day, chats with her children, and a good night’s sleep
Every family needs a toss-it-all-in tote—find one to fit your brood’s style
This season’s swimsuits—mini in size, big in personality
Carrie Morey of Callie’s Biscuits passes down a love for cooking to her three foodies-in-training
Retreat into the cool, green comfort of Eurasia Café and Wine Bar for a delicious experience in New American cuisine and beyond.
Limehouse Produce has been putting food on local tables for more than 70 years
Michelle Weaver shares cool tricks for using the garden’s most refreshing herb
Baby have you missing out on margarita season? Fake it till you make it with a delicious Taco Boy “mocktail”
A lively James Island clan face-lifts their traditional two-story digs with creativity and color
One working mom’s adventures as a kiddie concierge
Accessorize your summer with these hot items
Finding new places—and new friends—at James Island County Park