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Top 5 Zero-Proof cocktails to Kick Off Dry January

Top 5 Zero-Proof cocktails to Kick Off Dry January
January 2020

Feeling sobercurious? These tasty nonalcoholic drinks won't leave you out and about empty handed

1. HEALTH IS WEALTH - Turmeric Tonic, $7

Cold-pressed ginger, lemon, turmeric, soda. Basic Kitchen, 82 Wentworth St.,

“Full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, our turmeric tonic is delicious. Guests find it refreshing and restorative, not to mention it’s real easy on the eyes!” —Nate Wentworth, general manager, Basic Kitchen

2. LOOK-ALIKE - Petite Rosé Verjus,$10

Wölffer Estate Vineyards. Charleston Grill, 224 King St.,

Verjus is made from the pressed juice of unripened, unfermented grapes. Due to its high acid and low sugar content, cooks have used verjus as a vinegar or citrus alternative since the Middle Ages. Gentle acidity and natural pear and peach notes make this 100 percent Petit Menuier sparkling drink ideal for food pairings. Though it bears a striking resemblance to Wölffer’s 6.9% ABV Dry Rosé Cider, the Petit Rosé is billed as an “alcohol-free wine” on several menus around town.

3. HERBACEOUS ELIXIR - Garden Gnome, $7

Seedlip Garden 108, dill, lemon. The Ordinary, 544 King St.,

Clean, green, and floral notes abound in this complex, intensely flavored, British nonalcoholic spirit. “We designed the Garden Gnome around Seedlip Garden 108. Rather than overpowering its subtle herbal notes of peas and English herbs, we simply add lemon juice and sugar, top with still water, serve over crushed ice, and garnish with dill. The goal was to create a nonalcoholic beverage with the same level of care and attention we take with our entire list.” —Gram Howle, general manager, The Ordinary

4. TROPICALIA - Turnover Chain, $7

Coconut milk, allspice, lime, piña. Spanglish Cocina + Bar, 652 St. Andrews Blvd.,

“When planning for the perfect mocktails on our zero-proof list, I envisioned what I’d be drinking with my best friend on a boat on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the Florida Keys. It’s all about transporting you somewhere magical and tropical. The Turnover Chain is our riff on a piña colada—just better. Many of our friends are sober; I happen to be, too, and I’m very happy that I can have a drink at the table without seeming awkward in any way.” —Lynda Prado, co-owner, Spanglish

5. FIZZY & ZIPPY - Sumac Spritz, $6

Sumac, tonic, honey, lime, pink peppercorn, sparkling water. Delaney Oyster House, 115 Calhoun St.,

Sumac is a citrusy spice that bears a fetching magenta hue and is an essential component in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. The Delaney Oyster House’s alcohol-free spritz—one of three “not cocktail” options on the drink list—is an elixir made with intriguing spices, bittering agents such as cassia and cinchona bark, local honey, and lime juice, mixed with fizzy Topo Chico. “Reminiscent of a slightly bitter aperitif-style drink, the Sumac Spritz has lots of bubbles and flavor but isn’t too sweet or sharp.” —Kevin King, general manager, Delaney Oyster House