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The Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic
October 2012
Want restaurant quality seafood the likes of which chefs Mike Lata and Robert Stehling use? Here are four purveyors with the best catches

Kimberly Caroll and her husband, known as Captain Bobby, glide through Charleston waters to bring the Lowcountry the best in local crabs. To get on her list, call Kimberly direct, and place your order three days in advance.
VARIETY: blue and softshell crabs and stone crab claws
SEASON: blue crabs: year-round; stone crab claws: March-November; and soft shell crabs: April-May  
PRICE: market price/availability
PICK UP: locations vary depending on customer.

(843) 327-6240

If you’re in the market for cultured clams, signature Capers Blade oysters, shrimp, or an assortment of seafood, this Food Network-featured fisherman is the guy to see.
VARIETY: clams, shrimp, black sea bass, snapper, grouper, or “whatever crosses the McClellanville dock,” he says
SEASON: clams year-round; seasonal fish
PRICE: market price/availability
PICK UP: Clammer Dave will deliver anywhere downtown; delivery to other areas also can be arranged.
(843) 343-2970

Mark Marhefka is the don of local fishing—his fare is trusted by the best chefs and served at the best restaurants including Husk and Hominy Grill.
VARIETY: vermilion snapper, black sea porgy, triggerfish, and red porgy. Occasionally: gag, snowy, red, and scamp grouper; mahi mahi; and white grunt    SEASON: year-round
PRICE: 15-pound share: $105; 30-pound share: $210 for whole fish, gutted, fins and head intact
PICK UP: wife Kerry e-mails customers in advance to notify them to pick up at the dock.
248 Magwood Ln., Mount Pleasant
(843) 478-5078

It doesn’t get much fresher than shrimp from the Geechee dock right off Captain Vasa Tarvin's Miss Paula trawler. Sign up for a small or large share with heads off or on and enjoy weekly or biweekly pickup.
VARIETY: shrimp
SEASON: roughly June through December
PRICE: 2-pound share: head on, $59-$110; head off, $98-$182
5-pound share: head on, $149-$276; head off, $245-$455
PICK UP: Geechee Dock,
337 Seewee Cir., Mount Pleasant

(843) 324-5281