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Harnessing His Kimchi

Harnessing His Kimchi
December 2011
Cory Burke leads a mobile revolution for sustainable food

Roti Rolls

Merriam-Webster defines a “roti” as a round, flat unleavened bread. For Cory Burke, owner of Roti Rolls, it’s also the foundation of an experiment in farm-to-truck dining. Serving braised short ribs from MiBek Farms with creole macaroni and cheese and kimchi; Abundant Seafood catch of the day with citrus slaw and hoisin aioli; and curried local veggies with braised greens—all on the Indian flatbread—the chef has brought a sustainable movement to the street. “I want to help people eat their way to enlightenment and learn the importance of supporting their local farmers,” says Burke.

The business school grad worked in restaurants all through college, but always knew operating his own food venture was in his future. “It’s a crazy lifestyle,” he says. “Some days start at 5:30 in the morning and others end at 3 a.m.” Luckily, that works for the young entrepreneur, whose dislike of the traditional nine-to-five schedule is almost as strong as his passion for farm-fresh food. “We use the same ingredients as some of the best chefs and restaurants in this town, and we serve them at a level you can afford,” adds Burke. And the organic goods guru has developed quite a following, with 2,393 Facebook fans and 913 Twitter followers, dozens of whom show up wherever he parks. While this locavore lama may not have his legion saying “om” quite yet, post-roti meal, you can definitely hear a resounding “yummm.”

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