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Hamburger Heaven

Hamburger Heaven
July 2019

Our staffers and editors weigh in on their all-time favorite burgers across the Holy City

(Clockwise from top left) The P237 Burger from Purlieu; Veggie Burger from Butcher & Bee; Pub Fare Burger from Pub Fare


The P237 Burger (single patty $10.50, double $15.50)
The Deets: Certified Angus beef patty (single or double), hard seared in a cast-iron pan, served with house mayo, shredded iceberg lettuce, melted American cheese, pickled lunch box peppers, caramelized shallots, Dijon, and a specialty bun made in collaboration with Brown’s Court Bakery, served with julienned fries.

“For my husband and me, a visit to Purlieu requires ordering at least one P237. The flavor combo and lighter-than-air bun are simply irresistible.” —Darcy Shankland, editor-in-chief


Veggie Burger ($12) 
Butcher & Bee,
The Deets: A house-baked brioche bun slathered with green-herb tahini and feta; topped with a lentil, farro verde, mushroom, beet, and chickpea flour patty; plus roasted tomatoes and bread and butter pickles.

“Many veggie burgers attempt to make you think you’re eating meat. Butcher & Bee defies that convention and celebrates vegetables instead. The vivid colors and flavors bursting from their buttery brioche bun—oh baby, does it taste good!” —Marion Sullivan, food editor


Pub Fare Burger ($10)
Pub Fare, @pubfarechs
The Deets: Double patty, American cheese, pickles, shaved onions, and special sauce on a Martin’s potato roll, served with kettle chips. Single, triple, and veggie (grilled avocado) patty options available.

“A Pub Fare burger doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t. It’s a solid, American smashburger with the best tasting ingredients from the beef to the bun to the sauce. These burgers are served out of a food truck. They don’t have to go that hard, but they do. They do that for us!” —Molly Wickham, graphic designer


Seanachai’s Signature Burger ($11) Seanachai Bar,
The Deets: Two thick patties seared over open flame, with melted Irish cheddar, house-made caramelized onion jam, Dijon, horseradish aioli on a Martin’s sesame seed bun, served with Russet fries.

“I would have never thought an Irish pub would make a fantastic burger, but they do. It’s a mighty, meaty mouthful that’s worth every calorie. On Tuesdays, you can get it with a pint for $10, made even better on a night with live music.” —Kinsey Gidick, interim managing editor


The Black ’n’ Blue ($10.50) Moe’s Crosstown Tavern,
The Deets: An eight-ounce Angus and ground chuck patty spiced with paprika and cayenne; topped with Glenview Farms blue cheese crumbles, lettuce, and tomato on a brioche bun; and served with a choice of side.

“The Black ’n’ Blue is my cheap and cheerful option. I may just be a sucker for blue cheese, but that thing has all the right ratios.” —Nate Leach, videographer


Petit Raclette Burger ($12) Felix Cocktails et Cuisine,
The Deets: A single, four-ounce, lightly seasoned short rib and brisket patty seared on a flattop, with caramelized onions, Dijonnaise, and melted Livradoux raclette cheese, served on a Brown’s Court brioche bun with house-cut pommes frites and a cornichon.

“It’s the perfect size and gives all the pleasure with none of the overfilled gut-bust after effects that come with most overloaded options.” —Melissa Bigner, senior editor


Photographs by (Purlieu) Mary Martin Harper, (Butcher & Bee) MaryKat Hoeser, & (Pub Fare) Lizzy Smith