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From Farm to Stage

From Farm to Stage
March 2013
Elim Bolt serves up “nostalgic pop” with debut EP Nude South

A quick online search for the speck on the South Carolina map called “Elim” yields no Yelp dining reviews, no hotel “faves,” and virtually zero demographic information. It’s in Florence County, and that’s all the locals will give away.

According to Johnnie Matthews, lead singer for Charleston-based band Elim Bolt, “‘Elim’ is just what people call the area around Elim Baptist Church. The bolt essentially means that I left.” Matthews describes the group, featuring Dan McCurry (organ), Jordan Hicks (lead guitar), Christian Chidester (bass), and Wolfgang Zimmerman (drums), as “nostalgic pop with a wall of sound” due to their predilection for the vocal stylings of Roy Orbison and Elvis, mixed with the alternative flavor of Morrissey and Arcade Fire.

After forming in early 2012, the band began recording their seven-song EP, Nude South, which was released on McCurry’s independent label, Hearts and Plugs, last November. It’s an atmospheric offering of smartly crafted songs like “Farm Kid” that starkly contrast Matthews’ family-farm upbringing with the sex and angst-filled grit of Charleston urban life.

This winter, the band toured with label mate Brave Baby, but they’re now back in the Holy City preparing for busy months of performing ahead. On April 12, see them at Redux Contemporary Art Center with Brave Baby and Heyrocco as part of DIG SOUTH Festival, then catch them at Tin Roof on the 22nd. Check for show details.

Download the full Hearts & Plugs Sampler, Volume 2, featuring songs by ELIM BOLT, as well as Brave Baby, Mr. Jenkins, and Run Dan Run:

Download individual tracks from the album: