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Easy Honey infuses its surfer aesthetic into its latest EP “Ooooo”

Easy Honey infuses its surfer aesthetic into its latest EP “Ooooo”
September 2023

The band released a documentary of its summer tour before heading out on fall dates

Last month, the band released a mini-documentary chronicling its summer tour before heading out for fall dates.

Waiting for and then riding a wave is one of the most relaxing ways to engage with nature’s energy. But the moment of catching a wave doesn’t occur without a concentrated burst of power by the surfer. On Ooooo, Easy Honey’s new five-song EP, the Charleston-based band harnesses the mellow intensity of surfing and applies it to songcraft. 

“Orbiter,” the collection’s first single, oscillates between punchy, kick drum-driven verses and a rolling, breezy call-and-response pre-chorus—before a full-on, rock-out chorus. It’s garnered more than 125,000 streams on Spotify since its release this summer. 

Easy Honey formed at Sewanee in Tennessee in 2017 when songwriters Darby McGlone and Selby Austin teamed up with drummer Charlie Holt. Upon graduating, the group decided to stick together. Over three days in Nashville, they recorded an eponymous debut album that aptly begins with the song “All In.” But amid Nashville’s glut of talent, they decided to look to Portland, Oregon, or the Holy City as a new home base. 

Austin had spent a college summer working construction in Charleston, so the Lowcountry won out. They acclimated quickly, surfing on Folly Beach and hanging out at The Royal American. The quartet’s lineup soon solidified when Austin’s brother, Webster, moved down to play bass. 

Although the band members maintained side jobs, the success of their 2021 album, Peach Fuzz, pushed them onto the road for 120 dates last year. Since recording Ooooo with producer Wolfgang Zimmerman at The Space, they’ve fully committed to Easy Honey. “People can tell if you’re working another job,” says Austin. “I had my feet in two different ponds before. We’ve seen a lot of growth since we’ve really gone all in.”

Easy Honey released its EP Ooooo (right) and headlined The Windjammer’s outdoor stage (left) this summer. 

This summer, Easy Honey headlined the outdoor stage at The Windjammer, and last month, they shared a bill at The Refinery with Susto, perhaps their closest peer in the Charleston music scene and an influence on their decision to relocate here. 

Easy Honey’s big local shows bookended a summer “Surf Tour” that took them as far as Portland, Maine, in a Chevy Express conversion van loaded with music gear and surfboards. Along the way, they coordinated beach cleanups with nonprofits, including a day on Isle of Palms sponsored by Charleston Waterkeeper and Coastal Expeditions. 

The band’s relationships and support extend to the local business community. Marsh Wear, Mex 1 Coastal Cantina, and Tres Palmas Acai sponsor their tour and videos. Last month, Easy Honey released a mini-documentary of their summer tour before heading out on a fall lap that will circle from Colorado to Minnesota to Vermont. “We’re together for six weeks at a time, and it’s just amazing how well we get along,” says Austin. 

Those good vibes are audible on Ooooo, from the layers of playful organ in “Alright, Alright” to the lo-fi, layered harmonies on opener, “…the More I Think About It.” Easy Honey sounds introspective yet happy, powerful yet peaceful. They’ve caught the wave, the clean face keeps going, and they’re not hopping off. 

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