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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk
August 2012
Amp up your color, texture, and comfort levels with these plush picks

1. “Creamsicle” and “orange pop” diamond geometric-print 20x20-inch cotton/linen blend pillow, $78 at Aubergine 
2. “Adele” 14x26-inch linen pillow with floral embroidery, $99 at GDC Home West Ashley 
3. “Oatmeal” linen 14x32-inch lumbar pillow with horse hair Greek key design and bone detail, $324 at Gwynn’s of Mt. Pleasant  
4. Lacefield Designs 20x20-inch pillow with quatrefoil applique on “eggshell” linen, $119.50 at Candelabra 
5. Proud Mary ecru crochet over “charcoal” organic cotton 14x24-inch pillow, $144 at 
6. “Paradise Reverse” 22x22-inch linen/cotton blend pillow by Oomph, $359 at Candelabra 
7. “Dodo” 24x24-inch pillow with woven chevron stripes, $229 at GDC Home West Ashley 
8. “Solarium” 23x23-inch pillow with embroidered velvet medallions in “pomegranate,” $379 at GDC Home West Ashley 
9. Water-repellent polyester 24x24-inch ikat pillow, $45.50 at Pottery Barn 
10.  “Ikat Fret/Tourmaline” 16x20-inch cotton/polyester outdoor pillow, $89 at Aubergine 
11. Proud Mary mud cloth 20x20-inch pillow made in Mali, $110 at 
12. Cotton pillow embroidered in “peacock blue” and “olive green,” $279 at Morris Sokol 
13. Proud Mary organic cotton 20x20-inch pillow made in Mali with “charcoal” hand-crocheted detail, $144 at 
14. “Harlequin” screenprint 20x20-inch linen pillow by Lacefield Designs, $160 at Celadon