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April 2010
Retired physician and green hobbyist Gene Johnson transforms an outdated downtown yard into a lush, open-air living...

March 2010
A 430-square-foot dependency house, one tiny Yorkie named Benne, and a trove of art-smart finds equals one couple’s...

November 2009
Expats Gee and Nico van Vliet retreat to their dream home

October 2009
Quantity, Meet Quality

October 2009
A resilient Victorian traces its roots to a prominent Charleston family known for their high-profile houses

July 2009
Paddling to North America’s last remaining round-sided fort, the desolate Castle Pinckney

July 2009
Exploring Beaufort and St. Helena Island, from piazzas to praise houses

March 2009
A chic downtown couple adds comfort and kids to their style repertoire

January 2009
Charleston. For visitors, it means history and beauty. For natives, it represents family and tradition. For Big Brother...