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Brandy Smash

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For the brandy smash:


2 tsp. fine sugar 

1 Tbs. watermelon molasses (recipe follows)

4 sprigs of mint, pressed to bring out the flavor

5 oz. watermelon brandy

Orange slices


For the watermelon molasses:
(Yields 1 qt.)

2 ½ gal. watermelon juice, preferably strained from a Bradford watermelon


For the brandy smash:
Fill a small bar glass 2/3 to the top with ice.

In a shaker, mix the next four ingredients well and pour into the glass. Garnish with orange slices and serve.

For the watermelon molasses:
Put the juice in a stockpot and cook over a moderate simmer for two to three hours, reducing to about 1/10 the volume of the original liquid to achieve a light, syrup-like consistency. To prevent browning, keep the temperature below 220°F.