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September 2018

Ride into autumn in high style with feminine silhouettes in sumptuous fabrics and a touch of Western charm

What does “luxury” mean to you? A splurge-worthy extravagance, a unique experience, or perhaps something exceptionally comforting?

Sixty-plus writers tell their “Pat stories” in Our Prince of Scribes

The Artisanals’ debut LP delivers organic, retro rock

Mount Holly native Sunn m’Cheaux is back in school, teaching the Gullah language at Harvard 

Local agricultural technology may change the way we eat

The Citadel hosts an intelligence and cybersecurity confab

Silversmith Kaminer Haislip’s elegant-but-practical works are on display in a new City Gallery exhibit

This month, the South Carolina Historical Society welcomes visitors to a brand-new museum

Named for its unusual shape, the American horseshoe crab has been called a “living fossil,” as it has been on Earth for some 400 million years, appearing even before dinosaurs

William Bates teaches classical architecture to today’s craftsmen 

For 188 years, a religious community of “pioneering women” has been inciting positive change in Charleston

Recognizing the makings of a truly luxe life in the Lowcountry

From aquamarine to peridot to pink tourmaline, you’ll find many-hued adornments gleaming in Holy City jewelry shops

These days, silk scarves are inspiring an array of vibrant garments, including whisper-weight pants ideal for September. A fitted top offsets their loose silhouette

The Mount Pleasant metalsmith behind Christina Jervey Handcrafted Jewelry is all about great jeans, practical-but-pretty footwear, and supporting local artists

Nearly 30 years after falling for the Lowcountry (and each other), Kristy and Rick Schultz make an unlikely dream home their own

A prolific bloomer famed for its resilience, the ‘Peggy Martin’ is one rose even beginners can grow

237 Fishburne St. - (843) 300-2253 -

Our taste-and-tell guide to some of the latest food-and-beverage openings in Charleston

After winding down the work day, the owners of goat.sheep.cow. don their hostess hats, throwing a lively dinner party with a melty cheese-and-baguette starter and plenty of wine

Talking shop and popping bottles with the New Yorker behind Monarch Wine Merchants

When a Puerto Rican chef’s livelihood was devastated by Hurricane Maria, Doug Blair of Voysey’s stepped in to help

Indulge in four dishes that feature old-school luxury ingredients in a modern way

Sorghum & Salt’s Tres Jackson prepares an appetizer of cured salmon with salty-sweet cucumbers, puréed avocado, and chili oil 

Charleston dishes are getting a savory spin with za’atar, a Middle Eastern spice blend

Despite the danger and boatloads of trouble that storms have unleashed upon the Holy City in the past, locals try not to let rising tides crush their spirits.

Step into fall with these polished accents