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JUNE 2021

Relish every sun-drenched moment with insider tips on the beaches; aquatic adventures; outdoor concerts; and places to eat, drink, and chill in the AC—plus plenty of #VeryCharleston outings to fill your days. Let’s go!

Top local bartenders share the season’s most refreshing libations

Learn about the successful Around the Bend outdoor concert series and what’s to come

She created her colorful “Popsicle” earrings because “we could all use a little levity”

See her latest work at the African American Fiber Arts exhibit at North Charleston City Hall

Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary helps to heal animals that arrive with a broken spirit

And how Charleston influenced Tales of the City

Plus, find out which brands she’s collaborating with this summer

White and silver foliage begins to shine as darkness falls

What's happening this month

CudaCo focuses on seafood that’s “adventurous, approachable, and sustainable”

Fashionable choices for summer fun