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Grown Green

Grown Green
April 2010
This Earth Day, raise a toast to California wineries that are making it possible for eco-sippers to have their sustainable grapes—and enjoy drinking them, too. Here, a few friendly flavors you’ll want to savor

(from left to right)

Lioco Chardonnay 2008 (Sonoma, California), $22: A philosophy that great wines are grown, not made, drives Lioco to practice natural viticulture, using organic, biodynamic, and sustainable techniques to create balanced, flavorful wines. Their Sonoma chardonnay is medium in body with characteristics of red grapefruit, lemon, and honey that pair well with sushi or curry.

Frey Organic Syrah 2006 (North Coast, California), $16: Frey takes organic winemaking very seriously, employing solar power, organics, biodynamics, and wildlife to achieve their goal of creating delicious wine with only a minimal carbon footprint. The hard work shows in the product—in this case, a savory, medium-bodied red with flavors of spice, toasted oak, and plum.

Ladybug White Old Vines Cuvée III NV (Mendocino, California), $15: This dry, full-bodied white wine, featuring notes of peach and honeysuckle, bears the name of the beneficial predator that Lolonis Vineyards uses in place of harmful pesticides. California Certified Organic Farmers, the Lolonis family has practiced organic farming methods since the 1950s.

Ca’ del Solo Sangiovese 2006 (San Benito County, California), $18: Bonny Doon, one of the leaders in the green winemaking business, is known for its eccentricity, biodynamic viticultural practices, and outstanding wines. The grapes used in this wine were grown on the Ca’ del Solo vineyard in a completely holistic manner, creating a sangiovese rich with red fruit flavors and strong tannins. 

Newton Red Label Claret 2007 (Napa, California), $20: Newton’s vineyards are a beautiful salute to Mother Nature, with the winemakers seeking to preserve the surrounding wildlife while conserving energy, recycling, and using natural water irrigation methods. Boasting flavors of black cherries and plums, this medium-bodied claret drinks well with hearty meats or on its own..