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Fresh from the Vine

Fresh from the Vine
August 2014
Portuguese vinho verdes are meant to be drunk as soon as they’re produced:  verde (“green” in Spanish) is a nod to this wine’s tender age. Margaret Furniss, co-owner of Caviar & Bananas, says they’re the ideal sip for summer: “they’re refreshing with a slight effervescence, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a bottle more than $15.” Here are her favorite picks, organized by flavor profile

Notes of lemongrass & herbs
Paço do Cardido Lima Vinho Verde, 2011
Douro, Portugal

“This version is crisp and zesty with lots of good acidity, minerality, and notes of lemongrass and herbs. Made solely with loureiro grapes, its flavor profile is a cross between sauvignon blanc and chardonnay, which is rather unusual. It has the slightest hint of fizz and pairs well with grilled fish or veggie pasta.” Available at Avondale Wine & Cheese, $12

Notes of lemon & lime
Casal Garcia Vinho Verde, 2012
Minho, Portugal

“This vino is clean with bright lemon and lime citrus notes and a good pop of acidity. The effervescence is light, but you’ll notice a slight zip on the tongue. Crisp, delicate, and very uncomplicated, it’s a good one to pack for your next beach day. Pair with chilled or grilled shellfish.” Available at Southern Season, $13

Notes of melon & citrus
Broadbent Vinho Verde, NV
Minho, Portugal

“Deliciously refreshing and light, this wine’s lively citrus and melon flavors, along with its crisp and zesty finish, make it ideal for warm weather. It has a gentle-yet-noticeable spritz and pairs beautifully with Caviar & Bananas’ seared salmon and Mediterranean couscous.” Available at Caviar & Bananas, $11