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Eat Smarter

Eat Smarter
February 2018

Find the best restaurant in a snap with local app Taste

In 2015, three friends in a Nashville coworking space wanted a simplified list of the area’s best restaurants according to locals. Instead, they found themselves sifting through “countless reviews and ratings, often outdated, by people who didn’t know the city,” recalls Andy Seavers. And an idea was born.

In August 2017, Seavers—by then a resident of Charleston—and pals Zac Dixon and Samuel Cowden launched Taste, a free iOS app that locals in 31 cities can employ to vote for their absolute favorite place in each of nine categoriesranging from sushi to dessert. “You only get one favorite, and that makes it valuable,” says Seavers. Find a new spot that outshines your original pick? Changing your choice is simple, and the more times you ”check in” at area restaurants, the more weight your votes carry.

Taste (which has an Android version and web platform in the works) also makes it easy to locate eateries near you—listed in order of popularity, of course.


Images courtesy of Taste