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Buzzworthy: The Buzz all-natural insect repellent smells like perfume

Buzzworthy: The Buzz all-natural insect repellent smells like perfume
June 2023

The ”Charleston” scent was inspired by Lowcountry blooms

An all-natural bug repellent, The Buzz’s destination-inspired scents, such as the best-selling “Charleston,” double as light perfumes.

Within months of moving from New York to Charleston in 2019, stylist Lisa Jean Walsh realized the need for an effective bug spray gentle enough for her two sons, ages one and three. Not finding what she was looking for on the market, Walsh spent a year developing a natural bug spray for children.

In 2021, she rebranded her business as The Buzz, offering a line of all-ages, skin-nourishing products that repel insects using essential oils and locally sourced herbs and flowers. “My mission was always to protect people, their skin, and the planet with natural products,” says Walsh, who worked with a team of female chemists in North Carolina to create an eau de parfum bug spray base that locks in moisture and lasts between four to six hours, depending on skin type. 

The original best-selling “Charleston” scent is inspired by fragrant blossoms of the Lowcountry, with leading notes of citrus, amber, and peony. “Confederate jasmine, azaleas, and other flowers that bloom from February to August have scents that are so powerful and nostalgic to the city, it creates an association to the location,” Walsh says.

In the works is a nourishing body glow oil, as well as other destination-influenced fragrances—including Palm Beach and the Hamptons—as well as travel sizes, catering to the large tourist client base. 

The Buzz products are sold at Goldbug Sullivan’s Island, Eucalyptus Wellness, and Hotel Bennett, as well as online at