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Drink Conveniently

Drink Conveniently
August 2017

A new app lets users pay restaurant and bar tabs via smartphone

How many times have you stood around impatiently waiting for your bar tab? That inconvenience may soon be a thing of the past. This Labor Day weekend, four current F&B-ers (and CofC alums) will launch an app called ”BarFrog.” Utilizing Bluetooth beacons, it senses when you enter an establishment and integrates your phone with the bar’s POS (point of sale) system.

Aside from allowing users to view their tab at any point during their visit, BarFrog also eliminates the need for a paper check—simply walk out of the restaurant and the app automatically charges the card on file. To secure user info, BarFrog relies on Stripe, the same data encryption company employed by Lyft and Facebook.

“Guests can pay their bill at their leisure, and that empowers them as well as helps restaurants to become more efficient,” says CEO Anthony Milici. Establishments downtown, on Daniel Island, and in Mount Pleasant have already signed on, including Big Gun Burger Shop, The Three Lions Club, and My Father’s Moustache.

“We plan to perfect BarFrog in Charleston before expanding, but we see this product as a solution for the whole food and bev industry,” Milici notes.