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August 2013

Pack Like A Pro

It's August, which means back-to-school time! But what to pack for lunch? Here, three food and beverage veterans tell us what they put in their little pupils' pails

John Haire, Nick’s Bar-B-Q owner,
Lily {age 14} and Jake {age 10}
“We try to make their lunches balanced and healthy, with a little bit of fun thrown in.”
Lunch: Lily gets cold pasta salad with vegetables and chicken, carrot sticks, fresh fruit, and a bottle of lemonade. Jake gets a Fluffer Nutter sandwich, fresh green beans, organic chips, and a homemade cookie.

Ryner Burg, Hello My Name is BBQ owner, Emerson {age 11} and Cassius {age 8}
“Both of our children are gluten free and extremely picky! Mornings are tough.”
For Emerson, it’s Claussen pickles, mandarin oranges, a CSA-sourced salad, yogurt, and granola. Cassius has fresh fruit, a juice box, and a sandwich with Nutella, banana, and flax seed.

Claire Chapman, Peninsula Grill executive pastry chef, Chloe {age 5}
“We fulfill Chloe’s sweets love with fresh fruit.”
Green apples, strawberries, cucumber sticks, grapes, cheddar cut into sticks, rolls of ham or salami, and cottage cheese with olives


Photograph by Ruta Elvikyte / Lunch Bag provided by Coastal Cupboard