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Anna Miller

September 2020
Topiary can add evergreen color and architectural form to gardens of all sizes and styles

August 2020
You might be surprised that some of your favorites are on the list

July 2020
Keep your avian neighbors in fine feather with a cool splash spot

June 2020
How to plant, harvest, and enjoy summer’s sweet rewards

May 2020
Plant this zesty trio and enjoy refreshing fare for months to come

April 2020
For a landscape potent with flavor, aroma, and aesthetic appeal, look to herbs

March 2020
Clemson University’s Cooperative Extension shares tips and plans for easing flooding and erosion in local landscapes.

December 2019
Plant a winter window box you can deck for the holidays

November 2019
A new nonprofit is raising awareness about indigo—its role in South Carolina history as well as potential...

October 2019
The contorted branches of Harry Lauder’s walking stick lend winter intrigue 

October 2019
How conservator Frances Henderson Ford saves historical Holy City tombstones

September 2019
A cool-weather hero, the snapdragon now comes in more colors and growth habits than ever

August 2019
In-the-know locals share their must-have gardening tools

August 2019
Commercial-free, listener-supported Ohm Radio is making waves

July 2019
Turn dried blooms into festive decorations

July 2019
Discovering the Nathaniel Russell House’s hidden decorative past

June 2019
Tips on making your fruit the star of the picnic table

May 2019
Plant a lush grouping that requires little effort and offers plenty of drama

May 2019
Magnolia Plantation & Gardens will bloom in DC this summer

April 2019
Learn to plant for the butterflies—and their caterpillar counterparts 

April 2019
Susan and Gene Massamillo’s downtown garden was designed to transport them—and their many guests—to lush landscapes...

March 2019
Design your dream landscape with help from local pro Kelly Megeath

March 2019
Metanoia and Lowcountry Local First are working to revitalize a key block of North Charleston

February 2019
Put a sunny spot to work growing blackberries: they’re versatile, easy, and oh-so rewarding

January 2019
Here’s what the pros want you to know about growing indoors

January 2019
To achieve your dreams of lush houseplant life, avoid these five big mistakes

December 2018
Bring year-round luminosity to your landscape with pro tips from Charleston-based Moonlighting

November 2018
Inside a monumental discovery at the Nathaniel Russell House

November 2018
Dress the Thanksgiving table with an easy-peasy arrangement of potted plants