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June 2015

Eye-catching patterns, flowing silhouettes, and infinitely layerable jewelry find a simpatico home on free-spirited Folly
“I’d go to the beach every day if I lived here!” How many times have you heard that from a visiting friend? No matter the abundance of sun and sand, or the storied plantations and natural expanses waiting to be explored, the demands of everyday life tend to prevail over carefree fun.
Eating piles of fried seafood is a rite of summer.
Anna Hopkins’ vibrant art is on a roll
In Hampton Park Terrace, designer Lauren Sanchez rehabs her American Foursquare into the perfect hub for both family life and her home-based business  
Hearts & Plugs incubates Charleston’s next musical standouts
Experts love this comeback cut  
Athletic influences—from reinterpreted polo shirts to fabrics inspired by performance-wear—scored big this spring. Try the look with this crisp, comfortable take on tennis whites
When furnishing the nursery, aesthetically minded mamas-to-be would do well to follow Jennifer Mathis’ lead.
Básico’s Bryan Cates shares three dishes made with a favorite summer crop
If you’ve ever feasted at Xiao Bao Biscuit, you’ve probably witnessed co-owner Duolan Li working the floor with a smile. Read on to learn why no task is too small for this down-to-earth gal
Local chefs are perking up plates with edible flowers, which add visual appeal and plenty of flavor, too
Can’t decide between red and white? Opt for orange—essentially a white made from grapes macerated in their skins, à la red-wine production. These pours have “textured body, pronounced orange notes, and strong tannins and acidity,” says Morgan Calcote of FIG.
Pastry chef Mark Heyward-Washington’s creative ice cream flavors—think beer-infused or red velvet cheesecake—draw the Market Street crowd to Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill for fresh takes on a favorite summer treat.
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Of all the stinging, biting, buzzing insects inhabiting the Lowcountry, mosquitoes may bug us most. Some 3,200 species of these two-winged devils of the order Diptera—called ”true flies”—exist worldwide, and South Carolina has the dubious distinction of welcoming 60 of them.
Whether creating fine art sculptures or in-demand tableware, Fiorenzo Berardozzi trusts in the beauty of wabi sabi  
A local expert’s new release will have kids building and pretending, drawing and dancing
Karen Jackson races for days (literally) in ultramarathons like June’s Hell Hole Hundred
No boat or mountain house? Fake it til you make it with these tips
A new program helps adults overcome fears and teaches them, finally, to swim
Join the conversation at the Arts Matter Mayoral Summit  
Create a wetland-inspired container garden to reap the benefits of the season’s sun and showers