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Terra Cotta Redux

Terra Cotta Redux
April 2014
Give plain clay pots botanical pizzazz with this easy cast-leaf project

This easy, inexpensive project breathes new life into the ubiquitous terra cotta pots, giving the garden staples a sophisticated look with three-dimensional, botanical interest. For our trio (opposite page), we selected foliage from begonia and peperomia plants, but any leaves with pronounced veining will do. Cast them in mortar to create a permanent impression reminiscent of a fossil. Apply the cast leaves to the pots with glue or wire hangers, et voilà, a great new vignette for your porch or patio. Be sure to allow yourself two days to complete this project (the mortar has to set overnight) and find an outdoor workspace that has a water source and can get a little messy. Once you get the hang of the process, you can take this to a larger scale and really let your creativity show.