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Joan McDonald

April 2022
Set your sights on citrus, craft your own bouquet garni, and more

January 2021
Local nursuries can't carry every variety of flower and vegetable created. Gain access to myriad more colors and forms...

September 2018

June 2018
Create a container kids can play with, and lessons in sun, rain, and earth will come naturally

May 2018
Annuals that reseed, rain barrels, and events for green thumbs

April 2018
Stumped over how to build artful landscaping into your outdoor spaces? Here, find three plant combos centered around...

March 2018
With luxuriously soft plumes, chenille plant stars in many settings

February 2018
Flavor your cuisine from a homegrown micro garden

February 2018
What’s happening this month?

January 2018
What’s happening this month?

December 2017

December 2017
Grow a more intimate green space with podocarpus walls

November 2017

November 2017
For a spring show, plant flowering bulbs this month

October 2017
Add these favorites to your garden, and you’ll be enjoying autumn bouquets for seasons to come 

September 2017

September 2017
For eye-catching height and prolific fall flowers, look to the native smooth aster 

July 2017
Kokedama re-imagines the potted plant, wrapping it in a fresh package and elevating it to new heights

June 2017
Tasty stone fruits, silver-green foliage, and unique trunks earn olive trees a place in the garden 

May 2017
Make the most of a sunny spot with these superstar zinnia selections

April 2017
The high-climbing flame lily brings intense color to the garden

March 2017
Plant this season’s blooms with the plate in mind

March 2017
Ask an Expert: What is this weed (see photo) taking over my garden, and how can I control it?