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Mixing It Up: Team Gin

Mixing It Up: Team Gin
March 2012

Boris Van Dyck, ICEBOX

Kevin Johnson, The Grocery

Drink & Dish:
Southern Smoke & Boudin Blanc

Boris Van Dyck, the founder of ICEBOX beverage catering service and spirits director for this year’s Charleston Wine + Food Festival, knows a thing or two about making a great cocktail. So when presented with this challenge, he collaborated with The Grocery chef-owner Kevin Johnson, focusing on the herbal and sweet flavors of the eatery’s popular Boudin Blanc small plate and using Boodles British Gin to create his drink, the Southern Smoke. “I wanted to play off the gin- and juniper berry-infused cabbage purée and balance the sweet components of the dish—the roasted apple and prune—with smoky, nutty, and acidic notes,” says Van Dyck.

A rinse of Compass Box’s Peat Monster Scotch Whisky in the glass provides the hint of smoke, while the walnut bitters, floral and spicy Tasmanian pepper syrup, and lemon juice complement the gin’s coriander and botanical notes. The result? A smooth and equally complex counterpoint to the hearty French country dish.

Liquor: Boodles British Gin

Flavor profile: A light-bodied gin with a woodsy aroma; slightly sweet, clean, and floral taste and hint of citrus from generous use of coriander seeds; and a citrusy aftertaste with lingering herbal astringency