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Kid Confidential - Web Extra

Kid Confidential - Web Extra
August 2009
Meridith and Ryan Satterwhite of Three Little Birds Café share tips for cooking nutritious fare that’s fun for children to eat

Make your own veggie burgers at home. “Just combine white and black beans with any veggies that you have on hand. Pop it all in a food processor and puree, then form into patties and sauté,” says Ryan.

Whip up a veggie spread by adding finely diced vegetables (such as squash, zucchini, red pepper, and broccoli) to plain cream cheese. Smear onto morning bagels.

When planning a pasta supper, let little ones pick from among the many shapes of noodles now available in grocery stores. “There are bunnies, angels, cartoon characters, and more. If you allow your child to have a hand in choosing her meal, she’ll be more excited to eat it,” notes Meridith.

“Children love it when you use cookie cutters to make shapes out of food. For example, you can make stars out of fruit and veggies and serve along with a dip,” Meridith suggests. For vegetables, try any kind of salad dressing or sour cream mixed with seasonings. Make a fruit dip by combining plain yogurt with honey or coconut milk.

Put a healthy spin on dessert. The Satterwhites make carrot cupcakes and top them with a cream cheese and applesauce icing.

“Kids like to eat anything on a stick,” advises Meridith, who skewers turkey meatballs that she makes by combining ground meat with bread crumbs, a beaten egg, shredded zucchini and carrots, and diced apples. “Veggie and fruit kabobs are also fun.”