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Edward Hart

Edward Hart
November 2009
A Holy City native, this composer and College of Charleston music professor tunes in to old-school traditions, with a little Led Zeppelin mixed in



Keeping Score:“If I ever started to think I was a big deal as a composer, all I’d have to do is crack open Elektra. I think it’s one of the greatest operas ever written.”





Net Value: “Every Charleston man ought to have a cast net. There are shrimp out there waiting to be caught!”



Words of Wisdom: “This essay by Archibald Rutledge, a poet laureate of South Carolina, is beautiful. He often wrote about nature and God.”






Vintage Tradition: “There’s a small sliver of us in town who still drink Madeira, which was a favorite during colonial and antebellum times. I consider it the wine of gentlemen.”





Game On: “I eat a lot of venison that I harvest myself. Cordray’s is the only processor I’ll ever use—they also raise and sell all-natural, grass-fed beef, which I love.”









Fit to be Tied: “I suppose there’s a segment of the College of Charleston population that knows me as the professor who always wears a bow tie.”






Music Man: “John Siegling, from my mother’s side of the family, built pianos and harps in Paris before opening Siegling Music House on King Street around 1818.”





Pot of Gold: “I only steam rice in a rice pot. Cooking it any other way is practically barbaric.”


Good Sport: “I think a gentleman should have a genteel side but also like to go hunting and fishing.”

Digital Age: “Music is so accessible now—a wonderful thing until it impinges on our desire to see it performed live.”

Home Turf: “I’m raising my children yards from my mother’s house, where I grew up. For me, quality of life is measured by the ability to walk my kids to Mr. Burbage’s for a Coke.”

Tuned In:
“Right now, I’m listening to a lot of early 20th- century classical music, but I also love Led Zeppelin.”