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Brunch: The Macintosh

Brunch: The Macintosh
December 2014

And on the Seventh Day, God created the Mac Attack. Only a local-son chef with a porcine surname (Jeremiah Bacon) and a philosophy degree could create this, Charleston’s most craved brunch dish. Simultaneously sublime and in-your-face with its salty Southern decadence, the pork-tastic pork belly, bone marrow bread pudding, and poached egg served in a Le Creuset casserole dish will have you a) taking photos of it even if you’re “not that kind of person” and b) napping moments after you fumble to wipe your mouth post-gorge. Sunday-only entrées like this are tricky business. We’re not sure whether to praise Jeremiah Bacon for such “moderation” or curse him for forcing us to jones our way through the other six days of the week. 479 King St., (843) 789-4299,

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