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Stratton Lawrence

March 2022
Read our review and watch a video of the duo sing one of their single “Bleed Me”

October 2021
Find out what why it’s significant

October 2021
Why the synthwave band has the pieces needed for “wild success”

March 2021
Feeling cooped up from quarantine? It’s the perfect season to get outside and enjoy nature

March 2021
Find out how the Charleston native's sound came to life

October 2019
Charleston Woodlands balances habitat protection with public events

September 2019
GOLFTEC diagnoses bad habits to shave strokes off your round

June 2019
Embrace the sultry season with our tips on hitting the beaches; where to eat, drink, and chill; a variety of #...

June 2019
Charleston Surfrider Foundation works to keep the beach and ocean clean for everyone

April 2019
Rita’s Roots helps backyard gardens flourish 

January 2019
The groundbreaking Turning Leaf Project helps men find purpose after incarceration

November 2018
A direct flight to Seattle opens up the Pacific Northwest to Lowcountry skiers

November 2018
Marolina’s Huk and NOMAD brands find nationwide appeal 

October 2018
Cooler days are an invitation to explore the Lowcountry wilds

October 2018
Jump, Little Children returns with a new album and fresh inspiration

September 2018
Local agricultural technology may change the way we eat

July 2018
A 12-year-old partnership between two cultures is transforming one African village 

June 2018
Where to play, swim, eat, and cool off from downtown to the beaches and the ’burbs this season

June 2018
Project ReSpeck aims to boost fish populations after the historic freeze

April 2018
Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic offers top-notch care to those in need

December 2017
Sofar Sounds invites fans to enter blind with open ears

November 2017
Keith Hanson attempts an incredible journey

September 2017
Charleston’s Very Hypnotic Soul Band harnesses the power of song

August 2017
A newly rebranded conference underscores Charleston’s status as a musical haven

May 2017
A festival-size music venue opens in the Lowcountry

July 2016
The tourists of our warm-weather waters are back; do you know what to do—and not do—if you spy a manatee?

February 2016
Maga Design helps military and corporate clients visualize complex info

January 2016
Writer Stratton Lawrence and his photographer wife, Hunter McRae, find an ideal winter escape on Elbow Cay, a Bahamian...