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Elizabeth Pandolfi

March 2022
Discover why the artist is at a turning point and how she landed on Folly Beach

February 2022
See her work on display at City Gallery at Waterfront Park this month

January 2022
See Mixon's work next month when she's the visiting artist at Gibbes Museum

December 2021
See her latest work at December‘s ”Mixtape” show at Meyer Vogl Gallery

November 2021
See her work this month at Miller Gallery

October 2021
HALO stages nontraditional performances to bring live theatre to everyone

August 2021
Find out how her pandemic project led to hundreds of commissions

July 2021
Her functional works of art look as beautiful as they feel

March 2021
Learn why she uses bold but minimal brushstrokes

January 2021
Find out how she's rediscovering her passion and her goals for 2021

September 2019
Maria White crafts stunning abstract ceramic art 

August 2019
How children’s book author and illustrator Jonathan Miller has made a career creating art, telling stories, and goofing...

July 2019
Katherine Dunlap finds inspiration in old photos

June 2019
Poet and painter Joseph “P-Nut” Johnson gets his inspiration from his native city

May 2019
Meet Joel Watson, 23 years-old and ready for the spotlight

April 2019
North Charleston’s Saint Joe Woodworks builds mid-century modern furniture

The Waring Historical Library’s portrait project

June 2015
Whether creating fine art sculptures or in-demand tableware, Fiorenzo Berardozzi trusts in the beauty of wabi sabi  

May 2015
This month, musical theater sweetheart Mary Fishburne takes the stage in not one, but three local productions

Townsend Davidson looks to “make the mundane fantastic” in oil paintings that invite examination

March 2015
Filmmaker Travis Pearson’s America Street shows at this month’s Terrace Charleston Film Festival

February 2015
Veterinarian Brian King heals creatures from all walks of life

January 2015
Songstress Leah Suárez, executive director of Jazz Artists of Charleston, begins a big year

October 2014
At the Sewee Center, volunteer Rob Johnson is working to save the endangered red wolf, one litter of pups at a time

October 2014
Colour of Music festival founder Lee Pringle works to awaken the nation to black classical music