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Piccolo Spoleto Festival

August 2020
The artist and musician on what fuels her creativity

May 2020
The group prepares to celebrate its 100th birthday

May 2019
Meet Joel Watson, 23 years-old and ready for the spotlight

December 2016
Timothy Banks illustrates a whimsical world in children’s books, magazines, apps, and more

November 2015
For prolific artist Richard ''Duke'' Hagerty, a four-decade retrospective of his wild surrealist paintings is just...

May 2015
Each Memorial Day, the Charleston Men’s Chorus honors fallen heroes with an always-sold-out Piccolo Spoleto concert

May 2013
Meet Scott Watson, the new leader of the Office of Cultural Affairs, and learn what the regime change means for banking...

November 2007
Local musician, promoter, writer, and scholar Jack McCray illuminates the Charleston music scene

November 2010
With the Charleston Symphony Orchestra in reorganizational limbo, we recommend, for your classical music fix, a busy...

May 2010
Celebrate the dynamic artists of the Southeast